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Phase 3 Migration, Blast Gold Distribution, and More

BAG Weekly #2

GM, it’s a great day to secure the bag 💰️ 

Last week: Phase 3 of Decentral Games’ migration was announced, the 2nd round of Blast Gold was distributed, and we completed our 1st BAG buy.

Catch up on all the updates below.

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🆕 Phase 3 Migration Guide

Decentral Games announced Phase 3 of their ecosystem migration which is scheduled to launch today.

This phase includes significant updates such as phasing out Challenge Mode, introducing new wearable utility, and more

There are a lot of changes, so here’s a quick Phase 3 Migration guide to help you through the transition.

All Phase 3 updates will happen automatically. You don’t need to migrate any of your assets. Beware of any sites or DMs asking you to.

Here’s to a new era 🥂 

Pepe sitting at a table in a casino, reading a book.

Read the Phase 3 Guide for info on all upcoming changes

🚀 Blast Gold Distribution

On Friday, Decentral Games received 41,246 Blast Gold from Blast’s 2nd distribution round.

100% of this Gold will be distributed to the community. Here are the various ways you can earn:

  • Play poker and earn Gold every time you win a hand

  • Play blackjack, roulette, or Plinko and earn Gold on every bet (win or lose)

  • Enter casino competitions to win big Gold prize pools

  • Make a deposit to be entered in a daily Gold lotto

For more info, check out the Blast Rewards announcement.

Decentral Games' Blast Gold distribution

Decentral Games' 2nd Blast Gold distribution

🏆 Poker Tournament Entry Update

All freeroll poker tournament entry requirements will be updated to 7,500 BAG starting this week.

For all tournament info, check out the Virtue Poker announcement.

Virtue Poker and BAG logos

Virtue Poker x BAG

💰 BAG Buy

Last Monday, we allocated 30% of profits to buy 7,406,903 BAG.

This is the 1st BAG buy following the passed governance proposal. This BAG will be allocated for volume leaderboards, casino competitions, and more.

BAG purchase amount

7,406,903 BAG secured

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🏛️ Proposals


  • None


  • None

To submit or vote on proposals, visit Snapshot.

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🏆 Poker Tournaments

Join the official BAG Club on Virtue Poker to enter tournaments.


  • $100 Freeroll - 10pm UTC (6pm ET)


  • $100 Freeroll - 10pm UTC (6pm ET)


  • $100 Freeroll - 4pm UTC (12pm ET)

  • $100 Freeroll - 7pm UTC (3pm ET)


  • $100 Freeroll - 4pm UTC (12pm ET)

  • $100 Freeroll - 7pm UTC (3pm ET)

To enter freeroll tournaments, you must hold at least 7.5k BAG.

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📆 Metaverse Events

Hop into the DG Metaverse Casino to join events and hang out with community members from around the globe in the comfort of your home.

Decentral Games' Metaverse event flyer

Extra Giga Gold Weekend: Win $3,200+ in prizes including MacBook Air and iPhone 15

Monday, April 29

📺 Hustler Casino Live: Max Pain Monday
12am UTC (Tues), 8pm ET

Tuesday, April 30

Wednesday, May 1

💵 TwoTone USDT Cash Game w/ $50 High Hand Bounty
1am UTC (Thurs), 9pm ET

Thursday, May 2

Friday, May 3

📺 Hustler Casino Live: High Stakes Friday
12am UTC (Sat), 8pm ET

Saturday, May 4

Sunday, May 5

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