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Virtue Poker Joins the BAG Ecosystem

BAG poker tournaments are here

Virtue Poker has secured the bag 💰

We’re thrilled to welcome Virtue Poker into the BAG ecosystem. Virtue Poker is a one-stop destination to easily create custom poker games, organize your own club, and more.

We’ve launched the official BAG Poker Club and we’ll be running weekly token-gated multi-table poker tournaments for the BAG community.

Read below for info on how to join the official BAG Poker Club and all tournament info.

Table of Contents

BAG Poker Club

Before you can join tournaments, you’ll need to join the official BAG Poker Club:

Once you’re in the club, you’ll be able to see all available tournaments. Be sure to click Enable email notifications to get alerts of new tournaments.

Tournament Info

To start with, we’ll have several $100 freerolls throughout the week. $600 in total prizes are up for grabs!

To enter tournaments: you must hold at least 5,000 BAG on either Ethereum or Polygon (Virtue Poker will be integrating Blast soon).





10pm UTC (6pm EST)


10pm UTC (6pm EST)


3pm UTC (11am EST)

7pm UTC (3pm EST)


3pm UTC (11am EST)

7pm UTC (3pm EST)


  • 9-max tables

  • 10,000 starting chips

  • 5 min. blinds

  • 30 min. late registration

  • 200 max participants

Prize Structure

The top 25 players in each tournament win:

  • 1st: $27

  • 2nd: $16.50

  • 3rd: $8.20

  • 4th: $7.20

  • 5th: $6.20

  • 6th: $5.20

  • 7th: $4

  • 8th: $2.70

  • 9th: $2.40

  • 10th-15th: $1.60

  • 16th-20th: $1.15

  • 21st-25th: $1.05

All prizes will be paid in BAG on Polygon within 48 hours. For any questions or help, be sure to join Discord.

Register Now

Head over to Virtue Poker to register now.

See you at the tables 👋