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Poker Arcade: Play Free Poker and Earn Prizes

Free Play Mode overview

Looking for a free poker game where you can also win prizes?

Look no further. Introducing Poker Arcade’s Free Play mode: receive free chips to play each day, complete challenges, and earn rewards every time you level up!

You can play Poker Arcade on any desktop or mobile browser, no download needed. Anyone can play and have a fun experience regardless of skill level.

Here’s how Free Play mode works and what you can win.

Table of Contents

How Free Play Works

Each day, you receive 2,000 free chips to play with.

You can leave the tables anytime and play at your convenience throughout the day—but protect those chips! Once you’re out of chips, you’re done for the day. Chips reset daily at midnight UTC.

Table format

  • 2 players min.

  • 6 players max.

  • Blinds: 10/20

As you play, you can earn points to increase your Player Level and receive rewards.

How to Earn Points

You can earn points for winning hands, increasing your chip stack, and completing daily challenges.

  • Win a hand: 5 points (max. 30 hands per day)

  • Net chips: 0.1 point per net chip (max. 5,000 net chips)

  • Easy challenge: 20 points

  • Medium challenge: 50 points

  • Hard challenge: 100 points

Net Chips

The more net chips you end the day with, the more points you earn.

Net chips = Current chips - 2,000 chips

Curious to see how you rank up against other players?

There’s a daily leaderboard that shows your net chip ranking among the Poker Arcade community. The Free Play leaderboard resets daily at midnight UTC.

Free Play Leaderboard in Decentral Games' Poker Arcade

Viewing the Free Play Leaderboard

Daily Challenges

Each day, you’ll be assigned a random easy, medium, and hard challenge. Complete each challenge to earn points.

Some examples of challenges are:

  • Easy challenge: See the river 15 times.

  • Medium challenge: Get a two pair 3 times.

  • Hard challenge: Win 15 hands.

You can see your daily challenges and progress for each at the bottom of your screen. Challenges reset at midnight UTC.

Daily Challenges in Decentral Games' Poker Arcade

Viewing your daily challenges

Leveling Up and Earning Rewards

Every time you level up in Poker Arcade, you’ll earn a Chest that contains random rewards:

  • Tickets: Use Tickets to enter tournaments in Arcade Mode.

  • Tournament Badges: Redeem Tournament Badges for prizes in the Arcade Prize Shop.

  • Accessories: Enhance your avatar with cosmetic items.

To learn more about chests and the various prizes you can get, check out our Chest guide.

Viewing Player Level in Decentral Games' Poker Arcade

Viewing your Player Level

Play Now

Ready to hit the tables? Head over to the Poker Arcade app to start playing now.

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