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The Poker Arcade Beginner’s Guide

What is Poker Arcade, what prizes you can win, and how to start playing

Welcome to the Poker Arcade!

Enter tournaments and compete against players for big prizes such as MacBooks, Vision Pros, and more high-ticket items. Poker Arcade is available worldwide—and you can start playing for free.

Keep reading to learn more about the Poker Arcade and how to get started.

Table of Contents

What Is Poker Arcade?

Poker Arcade is a poker app that you can play on any mobile or desktop browser, no download needed. There are no region restrictions and anyone around the world can play.

There are currently 2 game modes:

  • Free Play Mode: Receive free chips each day and complete daily challenges.

  • Arcade Mode: Enter Sit and Go (SNG) tournaments and compete for prizes.

You earn points toward your player level while playing either game mode. Every time you level up, you’ll earn a Chest that contains mystery prizes.

A poker table in the Poker Arcde app

Playing in the Poker Arcade

Free Play Mode

Play free poker and earn rewards.

Each day, you’ll receive a set amount of free chips and 3 random daily challenges. Increase your chip stack and complete your challenges to earn points. Chips and challenges reset every day at midnight UTC.

Free Play Mode is perfect for learning the ropes, testing out new strategies, or growing your level.

Learn more about Free Play Mode.

Pepe standing in a poker room, holding up a sign that says "FREE"

Free poker, anyone?

Arcade Mode

Test your poker skills for big prizes.

Arcade Mode features single-table, 6-player Sit and Go (SNG) tournaments. To enter a tournament, you must buy Tickets. The entry fee varies depending on the stakes and format.

Games start with 10/20 blinds and increase at set time intervals throughout the tournament until there’s 1 last player standing. The 1st and 2nd place winners get Tournament Badges which are used to redeem for high-ticket prizes in the Arcade Prize Shop.

Learn more about Arcade Mode.

Pepe siting at a poker table

Test your skills in Arcade Mode for big prizes

Player Levels

All players start at level 1. You can earn points to level up by playing either game mode.

Your level corresponds to a rank that unlocks exclusive features.

  • Bronze: Levels 1 to 20

  • Silver: Levels 21 to 40

  • Gold: Levels 41 to 61

  • Platinum: Levels 61 to 80

  • Diamond: Levels 81+

Learn more about Player Levels.

Level up!


Chests are in-game rewards that contain randomized prizes.

You receive a Chest every time you level up. Chests come in different rarities—the higher the rarity, the higher the potential for a bigger prize.

  • Common: Free to open.

  • Rare: Costs 1 badge to open.

  • Legendary: Costs 2 badges to open.

To open higher rarity Chests, you’ll need to spend Tournament Badges which you can get by playing Arcade Mode. Learn more about Chests.

Pepe sitting at a poker table with a glowing treasure chest on it

Exciting prizes await

Ready to Start Playing?

Hop into the Poker Arcade app now. See you at the tables 👋

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