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What Are Wearables?

Customize your avatar and earn weekly rewards

Wearables are virtual clothes you can use to customize your avatar and earn weekly rewards to play.

They come in various themes such as spartan, viking, pirate, chef, and more. Mix and match different pieces or collect a full set of your favorite outfit.

Wearables are NFTs: you own your items and you’re free to do whatever you want with them. Equip, collect, transfer, trade, or sell them as your heart desires.

Keep reading to learn about wearables, the weekly rewards, and more.

Table of Contents

Wearable Types and Categories

There are 4 types of wearables with different perks:

  • Accessory: Aesthetics only.

  • Common Wearables: Aesthetics only.

  • Premium Wearables: Earn weekly rewards to play in the Metaverse Casino or Poker Arcade.

  • High Roller Wearables: Earn increased weekly rewards, get access to exclusive Discord channels, and more.

Wearable categories determine which body part it’s equipped to.

  • Head

  • Upper Body

  • Lower Body

  • Handwear

  • Feet

  • Skin

You can only equip 1 wearable per category.

Premium Wearables

Premium Wearables earn you weekly rewards which you can use in various games.

  • USDT casino bonuses: Play casino games in the DCL Casino for free.

  • Tickets: Enter SNG tournaments on the Poker Arcade for free.

  • Boosted Rakeback: Earn 150% rakeback rewards while playing USDT cash poker on bag.win.

Infographic of Decentral Games' Premium Wearable utility

Premium Wearable utility

Premium Wearable Rewards

As a Premium Wearable owner, you can choose to earn 1 of the following rewards each week

  • Bonus USDT

  • Tickets

  • Boosted Rakeback

You can change your reward type anytime.

Reward Drops

Rewards are dropped weekly on Thursdays at 8pm ET (Fridays at midnight UTC).

Unclaimed rewards don't roll over to the next week.

Reward Rate

Your earnings depend on how many wearables you own and that wearable's reward bonus. The reward rate per wearable is: 3 x (1 + bonus %).

There are no limits to how many wearables you can own.

Wearable Bonuses

Premium Wearables have different ranks and reward bonuses ranging from 1% to 45%. See the table below for the ranks and bonus ranges.


Reward Bonus

Reward Amounts

Rank 1

1% to 7%

3.03 to 3.21

Rank 2

8% to 15%

3.24 to 3.45

Rank 3

16% to 24%

3.48 to 3.72

Rank 4

25% to 34%

3.75 to 4.02

Rank 5 (Diamond Hands)

35% to 45%

4.05 to 4.35

As of April 2024: Wearable upgrades have been paused.

To get a Premium wearable with a higher reward bonus, you’ll need to buy one from the secondary market or trade with another player. Join our Discord to find players to trade with.

Reward Examples

If you own 10 Premium Wearables with a 45% bonus, you'll earn 43.5 rewards (10 x [3 x 1.45]).

  • Bonus USDT: You can use your 43.5 Bonus USDT to play in the DCL Casino and enter casino competitions.

  • Tickets: You can use your 43.5 Tickets to enter SNG tournaments on the Poker Arcade app. Ticket entry fees vary by format.

  • Boosted Rakeback: You can earn up to 43.5 USDT in rakeback rewards while playing USDT cash poker on bag.win. To earn this amount, you'd need to generate 29 USDT in rake.

Play Requirements

To continue receiving reward drops, you must claim your rewards and play at least once each week.

Your play requirement depends on which reward you selected:

  • USDT casino bonuses: Activate your bonus and bet any USDT amount in the DCL Casino. You can play blackjack, roulette, or Plinko (cash poker doesn't count toward your play requirement).

  • Tickets: Enter at least 1 SNG tournament on Poker Arcade.

  • Boosted rakeback: Win at least 1 hand of USDT cash poker on bag.win.

High Roller Wearables

High Roller Wearables are limited wearables that give you a much higher reward bonus and unlock some exclusive perks such as access to VIP discord channels and airdrops.

To learn more, check out High Roller Wearables.

Infographic of Decentral Games' High Roller Wearable reward bonuses

High Roller Wearable reward bonuses

How to Buy Wearables

You can buy Premium Wearables on OpenSea.

To buy a wearable, you’ll need to use WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) on Polygon or you can check out using your card.

How to Claim Wearable Rewards

In your DG Account, you can view and claim your weekly rewards on your Wearable Rewards page.

If you need help, check out our guide.

Decentral Games' Wearable Rewards page

Wearable Rewards page

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