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Decentral Games Partners with Virtue Poker

Redefining the online poker experience

Decentral Games and Virtue Poker are uniting to redefine the online poker experience.

Following the passed governance proposal, Decentral Games acquired a 90% stake in Virtue Gaming Ltd, the entity that holds a Malta License to enable real-money gambling in the DG Casino.

With this partnership, Virtue Poker will use its prior experience to help Decentral Games through the Malta software approval process and refer users to the DG Casino for real-money gambling.

Decentral Games will start to leverage Virtue Poker’s platform to run MTTs for their community—a highly requested feature from the community.

Together, Virtue Poker and Decentral Games will now offer the most extensive product suite in the market: real-money Metaverse casino games, free-to-play Metaverse poker, web-based poker clubs, and more.


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