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Decentral Games Launches Private Tables

Host your own games and earn rake

Poker night just got more rewarding.

Private Tables are live on Pocket Casino! Now you can easily host your own cash poker games and earn rewards.

Simply create a game and share your invite code with your friends. You'll automatically earn up to 42% of the rake from any game you host.

  • Earn host rewards in real time.

  • Claim your rewards at any time with no fees.

  • Hold BAG to get a bonus reward multiplier and boost your rake earnings.

Keep reading to learn more about private tables and how to create your own.

Table of Contents

Private Table Settings

Any player can create their own private game. As a host, you can set various settings such as:

  • Currency: BAG, USDT, or ETH

  • Blinds

  • Min and max buy-in

Table settings menu for private tables in Decentral Games' mobile casino app

Set custom settings

Every private game will have a custom code you can share to invite other players. You can start your game when at least 1 other player joins.

As a host, you can: approve or reject players from joining, kick players from the table, and assign a new host.

Private table gameplay doesn't count toward the Cash Game Leaderboard.

Rake Share

As a host, you'll earn a base reward of 14% of the rake generated from your game. Below is the base host reward rate.

You can get up to a 3x bonus multiplier and boost your rewards by holding BAG. The more BAG you hold, the more host rewards you earn.

How to Create a Private Table

Creating your own private game is simple:

  1. Select Private Table game mode: Sign into the Pocket Casino app. On the home screen, select Private Table.

  2. Create a table: You'll be prompted to create or join a game. Select Create to continue.

  3. Set game settings: Set your desired game settings and select Create Table when you're ready.

  4. Share your code: After your table is created, you'll have a custom invite code. Copy this code and share it with your friends.

You can claim your host rewards on your Casino Account page under the Referrals tab.

Home screen of Decentral Games' mobile casino app

Home screen

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