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BAG Bridge, Blast Gold Distribution, and More (BAG Weekly #4)

Weekly newsletter #4

GM, it’s a great day to secure the bag 💰️ 

Last week, we launched the BAG Bridge, received another Blast Gold distribution, and had our largest BAG buy yet.

Let’s dive right into the latest news.

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🌉 BAG Bridge is Live

Now you can easily bridge your BAG to Blast from Ethereum or Polygon.

Following a passed governance proposal, we launched the BAG bridge to double down on our development efforts, player base, and liquidity on Blast.

Since launching on Blast 2 months ago, we’ve seen a significant increase in DAU, volume, and revenue. This ecosystem growth has allowed us to distribute more value to our community through cashback rewards, referral rewards, and competition prizes. On top of that, we received over 145,000 Blast Gold which we’re distributing 100% to the community.

We’re thrilled to call Blast our home and continue building on it 🫡 

To bridge to Blast: use the official BAG Bridge on the Decentral Games site. If you need help, check out our bridge guide.

As part of the proposal, we also implemented the following updates:

  • Disallow BAG deposits and withdrawals on Polygon for the Metaverse Casino

  • Remove BAG liquidity from Polygon and add it to Blast

  • Distribute MTT prizes in BAG on Blast

  • Distribute Poker Arcade SNG Leaderboard prizes in USDB on Blast

Additionally, our poker tournaments will be consolidated into 4 freerolls per week with $150 prize pools (Saturdays and Sundays).

🚀 Blast Gold Distribution

Decentral Games will be receiving 57,706 Gold for Blast’s 3rd distribution.

This Gold will continue to be distributed 100% to the community through gameplay and competition prizes. See you all at the tables 🫡 

Blast Gold Distribution 3

Blast Gold Distribution 3

💰 BAG Buy

Last Monday, we allocated 30% of profits to purchase 12,290,825 BAG—our largest so far!

BAG purchase amount

12,290,825 BAG secured

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🏛️ Proposals


  • None


  • None

To submit or vote on proposals, visit Snapshot.

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🏆 Poker Tournaments

Join the official BAG Club on Virtue Poker to enter tournaments.


  • $150 Freeroll - 4pm UTC (12pm EST)

  • $150 Freeroll - 7pm UTC (3pm EST)


  • $150 Freeroll - 4pm UTC (12pm EST)

  • $150 Freeroll - 7pm UTC (3pm EST)

To enter freeroll tournaments, you must hold at least 7.5k BAG.

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📆 Metaverse Events

Hop into the DG Metaverse Casino to join events and hang out with community members from around the globe in the comfort of your home.

Decentral Games' Metaverse event flyer

Extra Giga Gold Weekend: Win $3,000+ in prizes including Four Seasons hotel credit

Monday, May 13

💵 JuiceIt's USDT Cash Game w/ $50 High Hand Bounty
12am UTC (Tues), 8pm EST

📺 Hustler Casino Live: Max Pain Monday
12am UTC (Tues), 8pm EST

Tuesday, May 14

Thursday, May 16

💎 Diamond Hands Casino Night
12am UTC (Fri), 8pm EST

Friday, May 17

📺 Hustler Casino Live: High Stakes Friday
12am UTC (Sat), 8pm EST

Saturday, May 18

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