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BAG Token Migration Guide

Migration info and how to convert your tokens

Today marks the beginning of a new era.

Following the passed governance proposal, Decentral Games is migrating its tokens and unifying the community under BAG: the Metaverse coin of the people.

The token migration is now live and you can convert your DG and ICE tokens for BAG. To make this transition as simple as possible, Decentral Games has set up a Token Migration page that walks you through the process.

Read below for info about the migration and how to covert your tokens.

Table of Contents

What’s BAG?

The BAG token powers the BAG ecosystem and is used in all integrated apps.

Decentral Games is the first builder in the ecosystem and will integrate BAG into their games: use BAG to play casino games, boost your rewards, vote on key decisions, and more.

Additional utility will be added as adoption grows and the ecosystem evolves. To learn more, read the BAG Token Overview.

Infographic showing various BAG token utility in Decentral Games' ecosystem.

BAG Utility

BAG is live on the Ethereum and Blast networks:

There are a total of 8 billion BAG tokens, 1 for every Metaverse citizen in the world. This supply is capped and no additional BAG will be created.

Token Migration Rates

You can convert your DG and ICE to BAG at the following rates:

  • 1 DG = 8 BAG (Ethereum and Polygon)

  • 3 ICE = 2 BAG (Polygon only)

To migrate xDG, you must first unstake to get DG:

Banked ICE can’t be converted to BAG, however you can redeem your Banked ICE for Tickets and Arcade wearables. The Banked ICE Marketplace will remain open until further notice.

Infographic showing Decentral Games' token migration.

Decentral Games Token Migration

How to Migrate to BAG

Converting your tokens is an easy process using the BAG Migration page:

Be sure to only use the official link posted on this blog and Decentral Games’ announcements. Before you start the migration process, verify that you’re on the official page.

If you need help, follow our video guide below.


I’m having issues with my swap. What can I do?
Open a support ticket in the Decentral Games Discord and we can help you out.

How long will the migration period be open?
Currently, there’s no end date for the migration period.

Will I need to pay gas when converting to BAG?
Yes, you will need to pay gas when converting your tokens.

Why wasn’t BAG airdropped instead?
The BAG token is meant to replace DG, xDG, and ICE. Airdropping tokens doesn’t achieve this goal.

What will happen to my tokens if I don’t migrate?
You will still have your tokens, but they won’t be supported in our games and on exchanges. 

What can I use BAG for?
Currently, you can use BAG to boost your DG casino rewards and participate in governance. BAG gameplay will be live in the DG Casino soon.

Will there be supply inflation?
No, BAG will have a hard cap of 8 billion.

What network will BAG be on?
BAG will be on Ethereum and Blast. You can migrate on both Ethereum and Polygon. After migrating on Polygon, you’ll need to use the BAG Bridge to move to Blast.

If I have ICE deposited in my casino account, do I need to withdraw it first to migrate?
We will automatically migrate all ICE deposited in casino accounts at a later date. If you want to migrate early, you would need to withdraw it first.

Will ICE casino bonuses migrate too?
Yes, ICE casino bonuses will be converted to BAG casino bonuses at a later date.

How will wearable upgrades work with the new BAG token?
Wearable upgrades will be paused until further notice.

How do I migrate my Shine?
Shine will be renamed to Tickets at a later date and there is no migration needed.

I have old DG, how do I convert it to the new DG so I can migrate?

  1. Go to the old DG Token Contract page.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Expand the approve tab.

  4. Enter 0x4b520c812e8430659fc9f12f6d0c39026c83588d in the spender field.

  5. Enter your DG amount (in WEI) in the amount field. Use this converter to calculate the WEI amount.

  6. Click Write to approve your old DG to transfer.

  7. Go to the new DG Token Contract page.

  8. Expand goLight tab.

  9. Enter your DG amount (in WEI). Use this converter to calculate the WEI amount.

  10. Click Write to swap your old DG for new DG.


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